Stage 4 Breast Cancer

Stage 4 breast cancer means that the cancer is not only invasive, but it is considered late. The cancerous cells have spread beyond the breast and lymph nodes and is now considered metastatic cancer.

At this point the cancer may spread to any part of the body, but the four most common places for the cancer to have spread in this stage are the bones, liver, lungs, and brain.

Doctors will want to do many scans and tests to determine where the cancer is located. These scans include bone scans, PET scans, and CT scans. Sometimes an MRI or CT scan is done on the brain as well.

Medical Treatment

When deciding on treatments for the 4th stage of breast cancer, doctors usually focus on doing what they can do prolong a woman’s life and to lessen her negative symptoms. This is because chemotherapy and radiation do not work well against advanced cancers.

Many women use a combination of treatments to fight their breast cancer in this advanced stage. The main treatment is usually chemotherapy. Be aware of the many negative side effects of this treatment.

breast cancer hair loss

Another treatment that is commonly used is biological therapy, which is designed to diminish a protein called HER2 which helps the cancer spread. Some cancers are considered hormone receptor-positive, so hormone therapy can be used to attack the hormones that cause this type of cancer to develop.

Natural Treatment Options

Fortunately, there are unique and natural supplements with no harmful side effects that are much more effective at getting rid of Stage 4 Breast Cancer. Cancer Fighting Strategies will detail what these supplements are and give you a much much greater likelihood of success. You can use these supplements with chemotherapy and other medications.


Surgery can be used in stage 4 breast cancer, but it is usually not intended to remove the cancer. Instead, surgeries can lessen pain and other symptoms in organs that have been infected with the cancer.

A variety of different drugs may also be used to lessen side effects such as infections, nausea, and fatigue and preserve the woman’s quality of life.

Clinical Trials

Another option for women with advanced breast cancer is a clinical trial. These brand new treatments are open to women with stage 4 cancer, but are not available outside of the trial yet. Of course, this means that you will be taking potentially highly toxic drugs that could more rapidly kill you.

Resources to Fight Cancer

Finding out that you have stage 4 breast cancer can be very hard news to take, but Cancer Fighting Strategies gives you the information you need to beat it. There is a wealth of information about cancer on the site that can help you understand what your doctor told you. There are natural products that will work with your doctor’s treatments to make your fight even stronger against your cancer.

Having breast cancer in stage 4 does not mean that you should not try to fight. The battle will be hard, but it is certainly worth fighting. would like to step along side you as you fight against your breast cancer.

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