The Benefits of Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment

Determining what works best for an alternative breast cancer treatment is a big task. Treating breast cancer can be a frightening experience — one that is compounded by many difficult decisions about what types of treatment to pursue.

The information available on nutritional therapy, natural treatments, chemotherapy and surgery can be overwhelming. How do you know what to do when you or a loved one is suddenly faced with a diagnosis of breast cancer? How do you even sort through all the options?

Comparing Treatment Options

There are two main categories of treatments, traditional and alternative cancer treatment.

Traditional treatments include lumpectomies, mastectomies, radiation, chemotherapy and hormone therapy. These always have harmful side-effects or suffering.

How Alternative Treatment Can Help

Alternatives include a healthy anti-cancer diet and nutritional therapy along with regimens of natural body detoxification. These are safe and have no serious side effects. You might feel more tired than usual as your body works hard to detoxify and heal but, that's about all.

These alternatives can help your body deal with the damage that traditional medical treatments cause. More importantly, they will improve the environment in your body that led to the development of cancer in the first place.

Traditional treatments ignore this important aspect entirely. They only focus on killing cancer and not what they are doing to the persons health in the meantime. Alternative treatments seek to preserve and enhance the health of the normal cells while killing the cancerous cells.

Alternative breast cancer treatment has proven to be effective in many cases, although it isn't accepted by many in the medical community. But where do you start? It can be utterly overwhelming to determine what are the best supplements to use.

Learn More About Alternative Treatments

Cancer Fighting Strategies is a valuable resource in this regard. The site covers many many different supplements and procedures and gives a rating of how effective they are. They even provide a protocol with a list of the best supplements to use for breast cancer.

Treating Cancer Naturally

Often, naturopaths and alternative health practitioners use, as an alternative breast cancer treatment, supplements that are supportive of the body, but are not strong cancer fighters. These include treatments such as consuming a mostly raw diet, juicing fruits and vegetables and detoxifying the body.

You will learn what the top alternative treatments are at Cancer Fighting Strategies. And about other ways to treat cancer naturally.

If you choose to use one of the more traditional treatments, you will also find information on what you can do to make your treatments more effective and get help with reducing side effects. is a source that can help you make informed decisions about cancer. 

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