Choosing a Good Breast Cancer Diet

Breast cancer diet and nutrition has been known to be an effective source of treatment for some cancer patients.

In recent days, more and more cancer patients are turning to nutritional therapy as a natural way to treat cancer.

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Why Nutritional Therapy?

The fact that chemotherapy damages normal, healthy cells along with the cancerous ones and cause painful side effects has led many to explore alternative treatments.

In the case of breast cancer, many women who do not want to experience mastectomies are turning to diet as a way to save their breasts.

One reason why some patients consider nutritional therapy is due to the possibility of recurrence of an old cancer or onset of a new one caused by chemotherapy and radiation.

Choices for a Cancer-fighting Diet

Choosing a careful breast cancer diet plan may help kill cancer cells while protecting healthy cells and reducing the risks associated with chemotherapy and radiation. There is information available on cancer diets that point to certain key elements that help rid the body of cancer nutritionally.

One of the most important factors seems to be the consumption of many raw fruits and vegetables. It is well known that fruits and vegetables contain cancer fighting antioxidants as well as essential vitamins, enzymes and minerals.

Concentrate on vegetables and fruit like berries and highly acidic fruit like tangerines, lemons and grapefruit as most fruit contains a good deal of sugar that feeds cancer cells.

We also suggest that you avoid soy as it is one of the plants that contains phytoestrogens (plant based estrogens) which mimic your bodies estrogen. With most breast cancers, you want to avoid any additional estrogen in the diet and soy is in so many things these days due to it's high protein content and availability.

So, even organic meats may have been from animals who were fed organic soy.. It is best to find some grass fed or wild meat if you do eat meat.

Pesticides and herbicides also mimic estrogen which is another good reason to eat organic when ever possible.


Another facet of a breast cancer diet involves detoxification. Toxins that build up inside the body over a period of years can have devastating effects on the health. In fact, many cancers are caused by toxic buildup in the body (both dietary and environmental toxins).

The shear amount of oil products in our environment these days, has produced another source of excess estrogen in the form of plastics. We eat, drink and breath plastics and one of the only ways to it is to sweat. Taking a dry or wet sauna at least once per week for up to an hour is relaxing as well as therapeutic.

Diet Modification

Diet modification can bring about a certain amount of detoxification, but it can also include herbs and teas, saunas, fasting and the use of fiber or other types of supplements to aid the body in cleansing.

Since diet modification can be difficult for those with acquired tastes for harmful foods, a time of detox can help make those changes permanent. The results and benefits of a detoxification process can motivate you to be faithful to a healthy diet. It is important for you to thoroughly understand the detoxification process and how to do it safely before starting. So do a lot of research until you feel you are ready.

Resources for Cancer Information

One resource for information on beating cancer naturally is Cancer Fighting Strategies. This website will give you information on cancer and alternative treatments. can be another tool in your toolbox as you make informed decisions about treating your cancer or the cancer of a loved one. 

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