Symptoms of Breast Cancer

All women should know the symptoms of breast cancer so they can be proactive in protecting themselves against this disease throughout their lives. Mammograms are not enough. 

The Importance of Self Exams & Early Diagnosis

Women need to be looking for breast cancer symptoms, so they can check out anything abnormal that they find and be diagnosed as quickly as possible if necessary.

An early diagnosis is the best way to beat breast cancer, so it is crucial that women be familiar with all of the breast cancer symptoms.

A person who does not regularly perform a breast self-exam may not realize the changes that occur in the breasts throughout the monthly menstrual cycle.

However, it is very important that women become familiar with their bodies, because a lump that persists through the menstrual cycle needs to be examined by a doctor.

Common Symptoms to Watch For

There are several symptoms of breast cancer that women should look for. The most common symptom is a lump or mass that forms in or near the breast or underarm. This lump can be very small, even as small as a seed. This lump could also be in the form of a hardened marble-shaped spot under the skin.

Other Possible Warning Signs

Although a lump is the most common symptom, there are a few other breast cancer symptoms that women should b familiar with:

  • Women should also be aware of changes in the shape, contour, and size of the breasts as well as a change in the appearance or texture of the skin.
  • Changes of the breast or nipple to watch out for are puckered, scaly, dimpled, and inflamed or reddened skin.
  • Discharge from the nipple that is either clear or bloodstained should also be examined by a doctor.
  • Women should also look for any area that is different from the rest of the breasts.

Women who do not conduct monthly breast self-exams need to begin to do so immediately so that they can look for the symptoms of breast cancer each month instead of relying on a doctor’s examination to discover any problems that they might have.

Unfortunately, even a yearly doctor’s examination may not catch fast-spreading breast cancer in time.

Treatment Options

Cancer Fighting Strategies is a website dedicated to helping women fight their breast cancer naturally.

If you are looking for more information about the warning signs of breast cancer or ways to work with your doctor to improve your treatments, let join your fight and help you beat your battle with breast cancer. 

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