Warning Signs of Breast Cancer

Many women do not know the warning signs of breast cancer, even though it is the most common type of cancer in American women.

Women whose mother or sister had been diagnosed with breast cancer are three times more likely to get breast cancer themselves, but most cases of breast cancer are not because of inherited mutations.

Breast cancer is much more common in women over the age of 50 than in younger women. Researchers believe that the changes in the body caused by menopause could be the cause of breast cancer in many women.

But no one knows what makes one woman’s cells mutate into harmful, cancerous cells during or around the time of menopause when another’s doesn’t.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

The symptoms of breast cancer are a lump or mass in the breast, bloody or clear discharge from the nipple, changes to the skin of the breasts, peeling or flaking of the skin on the nipple, change in the breast’s size or shape, an inverted nipple, or redness of the breast skin.

These symptoms should be checked for in a monthly breast self-exam so that women can look for the early warning signs of breast cancer and talk to their doctor immediately.

Women should also be aware of any pain that they have in their breasts, which could be caused by a cancerous lump that has grown large enough to bother the nerves in the breast.

Although tenderness of the breasts is common during puberty and during a woman’s monthly cycle, continuing pain is a sign that you should talk with your doctor.

Get Medical Advice

By knowing the early warning signs of breast cancer, women can seek medical advice and treatment immediately. Catching breast cancer in the early stages is a very important part to winning the battle over cancer.

So it is crucial that women pay attention to their bodies and do not ignore the signs and symptoms that they see. It would be much better to have a benign breast lump checked out, than to ignore a lump that might be cancerous and allow it to spread.

Natural Ways to Treat Cancer

When you would like to learn more about treating breast cancer, check out Cancer Fighting Strategies. You will also find natural ways that you can improve the effect of your treatments and information that can help you work with your doctor to fight your cancer.

CancerFightingStrategies.com has been designed to help you and your loved ones win your battles with breast cancer. 

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