Understand the Risks of 
Breast Cancer Chemotherapy

If you have breast cancer, chemotherapy can be a scary word to hear.

Although chemotherapy is just one of the treatments of breast cancer, it is one of the most well known. Women who face a battle with breast cancer should know all that they can about chemotherapy, because it will most likely be one of their breast cancer treatments.

Why Chemotherapy?

Basically, chemotherapy is a treatment that tries to kill the cancer in the body. Chemo medications are usually combined and taken either in capsule form or as an injection. The medication then goes into the bloodstream and attacks the cells in the area of the cancer.

Many times, chemotherapy is used to shrink cancerous tumors before a surgery is done to remove the cancer. Also, chemotherapy is usually used after a cancer removal surgery in women in the early stages of cancer to make sure that any remaining cancer is killed and not allowed to spread again.

Chemo treatments are also used to treat stages 3 and 4. In the late stages of breast cancer, the cancerous cells have spread throughout the body and can no longer be extracted surgically, leaving chemotherapy as the next option used.

Doctors are very careful in the ways that they use this breast cancer treatment, because the poisons of chemotherapy could eventually kill the woman before her cancer is removed. Doctors decide based on a woman's health and the stage of breast cancer she is in whether or not to do chemotherapy. They also consider whether or not the woman has reached menopause.

Chemotherapy Side Effects

There are many negative side effects to chemotherapy.

Breast cancer chemotherapy side effects include fatigue, hair loss or change, mouth or throat sores, memory loss, and infection, but these side effects depend on the individual and the types of chemotherapy drugs that are being taken.

breast cancer hair loss

Chemotherapy is usually just one of the many different treatments that a woman faces in her battle with cancer. To say that it is not a pleasant treatment is certainly an understatement.

Alternative Treatment Options

If you are looking for more information about breast cancer chemotherapy, Cancer Fighting Strategies is the right place to be.

natural health supplements

CancerFightingStrategies.com can provide you with all the information that you need to make wise decisions throughout your battle with cancer. They also have many natural products that can work with treatments that doctors have prescribed to beat your cancer even faster and reduce negative side effects. 

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