What is Breast Cancer?

What is breast cancer? Although breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer, many people do not understand what it is or how it is caused.

However, when a loved one has been diagnosed with breast cancer, it is very common for people to desire to understand more. They ask questions about what breast cancer is and how it will affect their loved one.

Each year about 300,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer, so it is crucial that all women understand breast cancer.

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How Breast Cancer Normally Starts

The beginning of breast cancer is when abnormal cells form in the breast. These cells become cancerous for a variety of reasons. Cancer Fighting Strategies gives you extensive information on the various causes of breast cancer and shows you how it is possible to eliminate these cancerous cells by correcting these causes.

Breast cancer is diagnosed when there are many of these mutated cells in the breast. The abnormal cells often begin either in the milk producing glands or in the milk ducts. It is very rare for breast cancer to begin inside the breast tissue.

Not all tumors are cancerous. Those that are not cancerous are called benign breast tumors, which are not dangerous. Cells in benign tumors behave more like normal, healthy cells than cancerous ones do.

Noncancerous abnormal cells develop more slowly and never invade breast tissue or other parts of the body.

The Underlying Causes

What is breast cancer’s underlying cause? Actually, you can’t say that there is just one thing that caused your breast cancer. It is always a combination of several different factors. Factors that can be reversed.

Less than 10% of all cases of breast cancer are caused by inherited mutations. Usually breast cancer is caused by mutations or damage to cells that occur as we age.

If breast cancer is diagnosed around the time of menopause, and the mutations of the cells are likely caused by the changes in a woman’s body during that time in life.

Treatment for Breast Cancer

Although chemotherapy is a very common treatment for breast cancer, a better understanding of the causes of breast cancer will help you better understand how to reverse it.

Breast cancer is not a mysterious disease that attacks you out of the blue. There are reasons it developed, and you can change your body’s internal environment that caused your breast cancer by correcting those reasons.

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