Radiation Therapy For Breast Cancer...
Types of Radiation Treatments

Most women can only fear when they hear that they have to undergo radiation therapy for breast cancer. The thought of going through such a procedure is upsetting to many.

Radiation Therapy

However, this is one of the best ways to fight this type of cancer. Radiation therapy has actually become very helpful in the fight against breast cancer and its success rate has risen to about a 70% reduction.

Radiation therapy is also known as radiotherapy and has been developed so that it is less harmful to the body and easier for the patient to bear.

Radiation in breast cancer therapy is very simple. The radiation rays are beamed specifically to a location within the body, where the cells in that location are mutated by the rays.

As a result of technology, the radiation is localized and can be focused specifically on the cancerous cells. There are currently two ways to deliver the radiation to the cancer cells.

Outside Radiation

First, there is outside radiation, where a machine points toward a specific point on the body and delivers the necessary rays.

Internal Radiation

Then, there are pellets, where the radiation waves are put into a small piece of material and put into the body. Once the pellet reaches its desired location, it is opened and the waves are delivered to the cells.


A new development in radiation therapy for breast cancer is hyperthermia. This therapy may be used together with radiation to help break down the cancer cells, but is only offered in certain locations of the world.

Radiation Combined With Surgery

Radiation therapy for cancer is often used after a surgery to help reduce the risk of cancer in the future. It is also used if surgery does not look like a possible option for breast cancer, whether it be because the lump is too small or large, or if it is in a precarious location.

It is also specifically used if the pain continues to be recurrent from a recent bout with breast cancer.

Alternative Breast Cancer Treatments

When searching for more information about natural treatment alternatives to using radiation therapy for breast cancer, visit Cancer Fighting Strategies. This website was created to assist and help those who might be facing breast cancer or those who know someone who is facing breast cancer.

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