Types of Breast Lumps and Diagnostic Tests Required

Finding breast lumps can be a very scary thing for women of any age. Although many lumps are not actually cancerous, the threat of breast cancer is not something to shrug off, so it is important to get any lump or abnormality checked by a doctor.

Types of Lumps

Only a doctor can tell what kind of lump a woman has, but it is still a good idea for women to understand what the different types of lumps are.

A fibrocystic lump is a change in the breast tissue during a woman's reproductive years. These lumps are formed by blocked secretion ducts and are noncancerous and perfectly normal, but they can be reduced by drinking less caffeine or taking certain medications.

Fibro Adenomas are also a benign and harmless lumps that are found in women who are in their twenties as well as pregnant women.

These lumps are caused by the growth of the glandular and connective tissues. They often disappear on their own, but they are also sometimes removed surgically even after it is determined that they are noncancerous.

Cysts are lumps that are found in women around the time of menopause and are caused by the imbalance of hormones that occurs during this time.

Another kind of lump that can be found is a breast infection. Some women get bacterial infections while they are breast feeding and a lump forms. This kind of lump is known as mastitis and can easily be treated by antibiotics.

A phyllodes tumor is usually benign, but is sometimes cancerous. These lumps are located in the breast's connective tissues. They are usually painless and are often removed surgically.


When breast lumps of any kind are discovered, doctors will do image testing to determine what kind of lump it is. Doctors have various tests to choose from including ultrasounds and mammograms.

The doctors will use the results from these tests to determine if the lump has any abnormal characteristics that point to cancer. If there are unusual characteristics, a biopsy is often done to gather more information about the lump.

Treating Cancer

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