Breast Self Exam Catching 
Possible Signs of Breast Cancer

Many people do not realize the vast importance that a breast self exam can play in the scheme of things. 

An increasing number of women tend to brush this important test away as simply an extra pressure on their time, not realizing that this five minute task can save them thousands of dollars and many hours of heartache in the long run.

Self Exams Help with Early Detection

A breast self exam in not difficult and does not require any expensive equipment. Women must be willing to give up a few minutes each week or month in order to catch any possible signs of breast cancer before they spread to the lymph nodes and other body systems.

breast self exam

Women should begin in their early twenties conducing a breast exam. It is best if they can talk with their physician to find out what is normal for them. After that point, regular exams will be very helpful.

Medical Check-ups

As a woman progresses in age, she should plan to get regular checkups with a doctor as well, so that he can note any other possible side effects of breast cancer. Doctors recommend a mammogram once the woman reaches the age of forty or fifty. Be aware of the new recommendations about mammograms.

Risk Factors

There are certain predisposing factors that cause certain women to get breast cancer as opposed to others. This includes genetic disposition, lifestyle, eating habits, exercise habits, previous radiation treatments, and certain diseases and syndromes that may run in their family.

If a woman is aware of any of these problems within her family, she should plan to have regular checkups with her doctor. She should also seek to make any changes necessary in diet or exercise to reduce her risk of breast cancer.

Check Regularly

A breast exam can easily be performed in the shower or in the bedroom on a regular basis. There are different procedures, but a big key is to maintain a schedule and regular routine.

Cancer Fighting Resources

Once you know what your body feels like and how it should respond, you will immediately notice any changes that may occur. When you would like to learn more information about treating breast cancer, visit Cancer Fighting Strategies. This website is very helpful with information about natural cures and remedies, as well as information about things that are occurring in the breast cancer world.

Look for more information at to see what you can do to improve your regular breast self exam. 

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