Abnormal Mammogram Results

An abnormal mammogram can send a woman spiraling into a whirlwind of concerned thoughts...

  • How did this happen?
  • What is the source of the problem?
  • And perhaps most concerning of them all would be that nagging question: is it cancer?

The good news is that while 5-10% of mammograms come back with somewhat abnormal results, in the majority of cases, the abnormality is completely benign.

mammography machine

Reasons for Abnormal Results

While the mind immediately jumps to the possibility of cancer when a mammogram looks abnormal, the truth of the matter is that most abnormalities do not mean cancer. Breast growths like cysts, fibroadenomas, and fibrocystic breast tissue are all benign. Tiny calcium deposits, which are usually not cancerous, are another common abnormality.

And while yes, in some cases, a mammogram can indicate a cancerous tumor, in most cases the abnormality is neither cancerous, nor dangerous.

The results of an abnormal mammogram typically come back within a few days, and generally will be delivered by the referring doctor.

Why More Tests for a Diagnosis?

However, since the results of a mammogram are not always conclusive, more tests may be necessary before a diagnosis can be made. The wait time for results will thus depend on the person and the specific circumstances surrounding the mammogram.

More tests following a mammogram are not necessarily a reason to be concerned. In some cases, it's just not possible for doctors to determine the source of the problem from the mammogram alone.

Any number of tests for breast cancer, from blood work to biopsies, may be utilized to clarify the results and produce an accurate diagnosis. If a more serious condition is suspected, your physician will likely let you know.

doctor looking at mammogram x-ray image

If it is Cancer...

In some cases, the results of a mammogram, coupled with other tests, can indicate breast cancer. And while this news will certainly come as a shock, you can rest assured in the knowledge that there are many effective treatments for cancer available. Not to mention a variety of helpful resources to give insight on how to face the challenges ahead.

Resources for Fighting Cancer

If your abnormal mammogram does test positive for cancer, Cancer Fighting Strategies can help. Dedicated to helping people supplement their traditional treatments with natural remedies, this website can help you to effectively fight against cancer.

Check out the suggestions at CancerFightingStrategies.com and get on the road to recovery!

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