Breast Cancer Test: 
A Very Important Medical Test

The best way to fight breast cancer is to catch and diagnose it early on. A breast cancer test that diagnoses cancer in the early stages can make a big difference in the overall fight. This is why cancer testing is so important.


Although a mammogram is the most well known test for breast cancer, it is not the only test that is available. Mammograms use high intensity ionizing radiation to make images of the breast. These images are then analyzed carefully by radiologists to look for anything unusual.

However, they are not as accurate as some people may think. The information from the mammograms themselves cannot determine whether or not a tumor is actually cancerous. They only help to find a tumor if one exists.


Another test for breast cancer is the thermogram. Thermography uses newer technology than mammograms and can detect breast cancer even quicker than a mammogram.

It is also a painless procedure as it takes pictures of the breast without actually coming into contact with the skin. This test is also less dangerous than mammograms which use radiation to create the images.

DNA Testing

DNA testing can also be an important test in diagnosing breast cancer. Most of all hereditary breast cancers come from two different gene mutations.

These two gene mutations can also show an increased risk for ovarian cancer. A blood sample can be tested fairly easily for these gene mutations, but it is one of the most expensive tests that can be done.


A breast MRI is also a test that is commonly used for breast cancer. However, it is not as easy to use as other tests, because it is almost too accurate.

Breast MRIs are so detailed that they almost always find something that is considered abnormal. Unfortunately, it could be anything from a bruise to actual cancer. Often the breast MRI will uncover another health problem such as an infection.

Blood Tests

Blood tests can also be used to detect breast cancer. Although the test is new, the Biomarker Translation Test is an analysis of the blood sample and the patient’s medical information to determine a level that is referred to as the BT score.

Current testing seems to show that the test is about 80% accurate. The BT test is certainly something that women will want to talk to their doctors about in the coming years to add another test for breast cancer to further protect them.

Resources to Help Beat Cancer

It is very important that you have the information you need so you can choose which breast cancer testing is right for you. If you or a loved one has a positive diagnosis and need help to beat cancer, has natural ways to fight breast cancer and make the treatments more effective.

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