Stage 2 Breast Cancer

If doctors have diagnosed you with stage 2 breast cancer, you may not know what to think. You are probably frightened and worried. You might not understand all the things that your doctors have told you about the cancer. 

We would like to explain a little bit of what the 2nd stage of breast cancer is about, so you can understand it better and know what you need to in order to fight your cancer.


Stage 2 of breast cancer has two subcategories:

  • Stage 2A means that the cancer is less than 2 cm in size and has spread to the lymph nodes or the tumor is up to 5 cm in size but has not spread to the lymph nodes.
  • Stage 2B of breast cancer means that the cancerous tumor is between 2 and 5 cm and has spread to the lymph nodes or it is larger than 5 cm and has not spread to the lymph nodes.
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Prospects of Survival

Stage 2 breast cancer is still considered early, which is good news to hear. The 5 year survival rate for stage 2A is 88-92% according to the American Cancer Society. Stage 2B of breast cancer has a 76-81% 5 year survival rate. If your breast cancer was diagnosed in stage 1, the survival rates are even higher.

Early intervention is often touted as the best way to beat the battle over breast cancer. Many cases of breast cancer are diagnosed because of mammograms or even by the women herself while doing a monthly breast self exam.

However, research has shown that many women develop breast cancer which then resolves as the body kills off the cancer. Testing which results in minuscule amounts of cancer being found, most of which the body will take care of by itself, seems to cause unnecessary stress and trauma.

The treatment options for the 2nd stage of breast cancer are numerous.

Surgical Treatment

Surgery is the most common treatment in this stage of breast cancer. Since the cancer is usually located completely in the breast, a lumpectomy or mastectomy is all too often performed to remove the cancerous tumor. 

In a lumpectomy, doctors remove the tumor and some of the surrounding tissue to insure that all of the cancer is removed.

In a mastectomy, either part or all of the breast tissue is removed. If all of the breast tissue is removed, the lymph nodes will be removed as well. Most women choose to have breast reconstruction surgery later if a mastectomy is done.

Given the anecdotal results showing that early stage cancers can virtually always be beaten if a strong enough protocol of hard hitting natural supplements is taken, a woman may well question whether she needs to lose her breast and lymph nodes.

Radiation is usually used along with the surgery to make sure that all the cancer has been taken care of.

Some other treatment options for breast cancer in stage 2 are chemotherapy and use of the drugs Tamoxifen, Arimidex, or Herceptin.

Natural Cancer Fighting Treatment Options knows that you need help as you fight your breast cancer. There are natural and unique products that will help you fight your stage 2 breast cancer. They will work with your doctor’s treatments and make them even more effective, or that have been used on their own to knock out Stage 2 Breast Cancer - and even Stage 4 cancers. 

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