Breast Cancer Tumor 
Checking Regularly for Lumps

There's good reason that women often fear they may have a breast cancer tumor as breast cancer is the most common type of cancer following non-melanoma skin cancer.

Statistics show that in 2006 almost 200,000 women were diagnosed with breast cancer, and about 40,000 died from breast cancer that same year. And the numbers seem to be rising every year.

Breast cancer is scary because it is common and because it's deadly. The good news is that a breast cancer tumor doesn't have to be deadly, and it can be stopped, especially if it's detected early.

Early Warning Signs

Often the first stages of breast cancer don't involve pain. Some possible indicators of breast cancer could include peeling skin, a change is the breast's shape, blood coming from the nipples, or the skin on the breast starting to get thicker.

Some of these symptoms don't necessarily mean you have breast cancer - so don't despair immediately.

The first symptom is a hard lump, and about half of the lumps are found in the breast's upper and outer quarter. Don't hesitate to see a doctor - one appointment can be money well spent.

Talk to your doctor about the best way to check for a tumor in your breasts, and make a habit of checking. Many will suggest that you check your breasts for lumps about once a month. Don't just rely on an annual appointment with the doctor - check extensively for lumps every month.


There are also several things you can do to avoid getting breast cancer in the first place.

These can include: maintaining a healthy weight, eating a good diet of fruits and vegetables and whole grains, and getting rid of items in your house that have toxic or negative ingredients in them.

Try to eat natural foods and use natural products as much as possible. Beware of getting food from the grocery store that has a list of ingredients you can't even recognize.

And believe it or not, getting rid of stress can help you reduce your chances of getting cancer.

Resources to Fight Breast Cancer

However, remember that there is no fool-proof way of avoiding a breast cancer tumor. But it is responsible to educate yourself and research sites such as Cancer Fighting Strategies that were developed to help you learn how to fight breast cancer.

Improve your chances by living a healthy lifestyle, and checking for the first signs of a breast cancer tumor, and be proactive about avoiding cancer. Start by visiting, a good site for learning more about breast cancer and how to avoid it.

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