Breast Cancer Risk Factors: 
Some Helpful Guidelines

Though there are several known breast cancer risk factors, but unfortunately, breast cancer remains quite unpredictable.

In the United States, about 200,000 women are diagnosed with this disease each year. It's been estimated that about 75% of these women who develop breast cancer will have had no known risk factors. This is because in most cases the cause of their cancer is yet unknown.

Strongest Risk Categories

Thankfully many are working hard to find answers, and that in the meantime there are some guidelines which have proven helpful.

Some of the strongest risk factors include being a woman, a previous personal history of breast cancer, a family history of breast cancer, and increasing age. It's been estimated that 77% of women who develop breast cancer are 50 years or older, and that over half of those women are 65 years or older.

Other cancer risk factors which may put women at a more moderate risk level include biopsy abnormalities, increased breast density, or excessive radiation exposure.

Some additional, but less concerning cancer risk factors include, but are not limited to, obesity, alcohol consumption, race, long-term use of hormone replacement therapies, early or late onset of menopause, or other types of cancer in family history.

It is interesting to note that just as there are many who develop breast cancer that have had no known risk factors, there are many who never develop breast cancer even though they had one or several known risk factors.

With breast cancer's spontaneity, focusing on the breast cancer risks that can be eliminated, as well as monitoring the ones which cannot, seem to be the best way to either prevent or catch it in its earlier stages.

Lowering the Risks

Some women who are at a higher risk for breast cancer choose to go on medications which can cut their risk in half, while others may look into more natural means.

Lowering breast cancer risk factors through lifestyle changes or supplemental therapies is becoming increasingly popular.

Many find that things such as weight or stress management and eating healthy are not only good for reducing their risk of breast cancer, but for lowering their risk for many other types of cancer and diseases as well.

Helpful Resources for Fighting Cancer

Cancer Fighting Strategies will help to point you in a helpful and hopeful direction so that whatever breast cancer risk factors you may have can be challenged.

Also, at you will find information about how to prevent or treat breast or other types of cancer naturally. 

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