Terminal Breast Cancer

It is not easy for anyone to hear that they have cancer, let alone terminal breast cancer. Breast cancer is a huge opponent in the world of women, but terminal cancer is something that just boggles the mind and heart of any man or woman.

The Effects

Although many women may get breast cancer and may live to tell about it, this disease continues to be the second most frequent type of cancer that kills women.

Although it only begins from a small cell that has simply malfunctioned, its effects are devastating and not only affect the woman, but also her family and friends as she deteriorates throughout each day.

One out of every five women that fall victim to breast cancer will die from it each year. This is a huge statistic, but it reaches into multitudes of homes throughout the USA.

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Often, women will get terminal breast cancer because they fail to perform their breast self exams on a regular basis. Usually, the cancer has metastasized into other areas outside of the breasts themselves by the time terminal cancer is recognized.

There are no known ways to treat this type of cancer, except to help the patient become more comfortable. This may be achieved by trying to reduce the number of cancer cells through radiation, chemotherapy or surgery. Usually, though, these types of treatments will only delay the inevitable.

Stages and Progression

There are several ways to recognize the progression of cancer, but the most common is through a staging process.

Stage five is the most progressed and deadly. This state means that the end is soon near and that most other bodily functions have ceased.

Stage four is used to identify terminal cancer, when it has already begun the spread to other parts of the body.

Stages three through zero demonstrate how much control the cancer has taken over in the body in relation to the particular type of cancer involved.

Different doctors may identify the various types of cancer in different ways, but this is a relatively objective way to declare the state of an individual's well-being.

Resources to Fight Cancer

If you would like to get more information on ways to prevent terminal breast cancer, please visit Cancer Fighting Strategies. This website was created to help people learn more ways to fight against breast cancer and ways to help loved ones through this tragic time.

Check out CancerFightingStrategies.com to find out what you can do to decrease the number of terminal cancer patients. 

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